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Tesco Technology is a leader of the future of global retail innovation. We have a gamut of expert engineers spread across potentially four locations internationally, which one? Choose all the correct answers.

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Where is Tesco Technology Poland hub located?

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How many software engineers and managers work at Tesco Technology in Poland?

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Tesco Technology is well know as business driven by innovative and latest technologies. What kind of the most modern technologies do we use? Choose all the correct answers.

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Which one-hour delivery service did our Technology teams enable for our customers?

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What did our Technology teams implement, making us the largest user of its functionality in the world?

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Last year Tesco opened its first checkout-free store in central London, giving customers the opportunity to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a checkout. What is the name of this new service ?

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Which Infrastructure project enabled our businesses to connect anytime and anywhere?

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At Tesco Technology we care for our customers' comfort, thus we constantly improve shopping experience, for example by using a self-service till which we have created from scratch. When was self-service till launched across the UK?

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With technology created across the Group, customers can scan products by themselves and put them directly into shopping bags, without having to unpack again at the checkouts. What is the name of this project?

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